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External Link_img Susan Wood - available to MC your business event 20 January 2014   
Susan Wood is one of New Zealand’s most recognisable and accomplished broadcasters.
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PDF_img Some home truths about Social Media 31 July 2013   
There are many ways we can converse and build relationships with our market; and social media platforms are just one of them
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PDF_img Advertising Fact File 20 July 2012   
Advertising is the art of increasing demand for a product or service. But what makes a good advertisement? What are the types of advertisements? And what are the common advertising myths?
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PDF_img Writing effective emails 16 July 2012   
Last year an average of 47 billion non-spam emails were sent each day. In a world where more information is being shared faster than ever before,how can you make sure your email message is not only read but also responded to quickly and effectively?
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External Link_img Advanced Productivity: Becoming highly efficient at work with Dr. Nitin 20 June 2012   
Dr. Nitin demonstrates important tools on Word and how to use them in this short, 30 minute webinar. Microsoft Word Deep Dive (30 mins).
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PDF_img Diversity for a Diverse City 29 May 2012   
‘Diversity for a Diverse City’: it’s as simple as good ‘people’ values = bottom line benefits. What has changed though is the range of diversity you might be dealing with – from age to multiple cultures in one workplace and maximising the potential and productivity of your workforce now requires a more ‘diverse’ approach.
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PDF_img 4 Steps to an Empty Inbox 08 December 2010   
Overflowing inboxes are a real struggle in today’s business environment but it is possible to reduce the number of items in your inbox to zero and keep it there.
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