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PDF_img Increase employee productivity 07 February 2013   
Focusing on getting the most out of the staff they have as much as they focus on hiring new employees that fit their business culture and skill requirements
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PDF_img Simple Business Case Disciplines 07 February 2013   
A robust Business Case is an essential business tool for success in today’s market.
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PDF_img Diversity for a Diverse City 29 May 2012   
‘Diversity for a Diverse City’: it’s as simple as good ‘people’ values = bottom line benefits. What has changed though is the range of diversity you might be dealing with – from age to multiple cultures in one workplace and maximising the potential and productivity of your workforce now requires a more ‘diverse’ approach.
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External Link_img 20 June 2010   
Rugby World Cup 2011 is expected to bring 60,000 visitors, 2500 media and a global TV audience of more than 4 billion to Auckland and New Zealand. The direct economic benefit for Auckland during the tournament is estimated at more than $300 million. Rugby World Cup 2011 gives you the chance to mix business with pleasure.
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External Link_img 20 June 2010   
Auckland City Council website provides information about its services, including projects, strategies, rules and regulations to sustainably manage the city’s natural environment, including land, water, soil, resources and the coast, and physical resources in Auckland city and Hauraki Gulf islands.
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The official website for Auckland, New Zealand's biggest city. Wherever you stay in Auckland, you're never far from breathtaking scenery, beautiful beaches, invigorating walks, idyllic holiday islands, outstanding food and wine, great shopping and exciting nightlife.
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