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PDF_img Doing business in Australia 07 August 2013   
This article, published in our latest Innovate magazine, discusses efficient tax structures for New Zealand companies conducting business in Australia.
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Word_img Employment Agreement template 17 July 2012   
Employment Agreement template
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PDF_img Disciplinary Flowchart And Checklist Fact File 16 July 2012   
This guide outlines the steps required for the staff disciplinary process, providing a checklist of actions that are necessary to meet an employer's legal requirements.
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PDF_img 90 Day Trial Period - Your Rights and Obligations 16 July 2012   
By providing for an initial period in which to assess the suitability of the employment relationship, the 90 Day Trial Period enables you to reduce the risk of taking on new staff.
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PDF_img Diversity for a Diverse City 29 May 2012   
‘Diversity for a Diverse City’: it’s as simple as good ‘people’ values = bottom line benefits. What has changed though is the range of diversity you might be dealing with – from age to multiple cultures in one workplace and maximising the potential and productivity of your workforce now requires a more ‘diverse’ approach.
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PDF_img Paying out Annual Leave 05 October 2010   
The proposed Holidays Ammendment Bill provides for an employee’s fourth week of annual leave to be paid out in cash. If passed this new legislation is expected that it will come into force on 1st April 2011. This guide outlines some of the most important issues for employers.
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PDF_img Legal Structures For Small Business Fact File 22 June 2010   
It is essential that you consider what legal structure you will adopt in the setting up of your business. The structural form of your business will influence your liability for debts, legal procedures for dealing with other people and how you can sell your business, and at what price.
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PDF_img Terms Of Trade Fact File 22 June 2010   
One of the most useful ‘front end’ tools for businesses is having effective processes and procedures for engaging the client or customer. This is achieved through Terms of Trade, also known as Conditions of Sale.
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